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Why Digital Medium Format Not DSLR

I believe each camera system has its own edge and its own playground. ​


As a medium format photographer, I chose mainly digital medium format / tech camera for landscape photography because: 


  • large and bright viewfinder 

  • touch screen interface; hard to find a system you can check 100% focus on faster on a specific part of the image than a Phase One IQ Back

  • more tactile lens response when manually focusing 

  • ability to shoot vertical without rotating camera 

  • low ISO without ND filters 

  • ability to shoot film with same system as digital 

  • ability to crop a vertical and horizontal from the same frame 

  • ability to use on tech cameras

  • rise/fall/shift/swing/tilt on lens 

  • fully mechanical/traditional shooting 

  • absolute best glass

  • compatibility with view cameras

  • close focus possible with many lenses, not just select macros

  • rise/fall/shift/swing/tilt on every lens, not just select TS lenses

  • less frequent updates required 

  • longer software support 

  • consistent shooting speed; a Phase One IQ can maintain it's frame-rate indefinitely

  • with a fast CF card, any Canon/Nikon can shoot much faster but unless you restrain yourself you can easily hit a buffer and the camera won't fire when you think it should. The IQ or Credo will be slower (around 1.2fps for the 40mp model) but it is reliably consistent - you know when you can shoot next and can develop a rhythm.

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