Raymond is a professional landscape photographer and he has a unique choice of photographic system for different subject, digital back & Alpa for landscape, Canon for sport, Leica for portrait and street. Each system has its own edge and character. 


When you take a photograph with a camera from the Leica M-System, you experience a different kind of photography. 


Hasselblad & Rolleiflex

Masterpiece in medium format photography system. Robust, relialable, full mechanical operation with exceptional photo quality deliver by best of the class optics. 

Alpa x Phase One 

State of the art digital photography technology with prime class large format optics rendered by Rodenstock and Schneider, the two legendary optics manufacturers. Together with Phase One digital back, Alpa camera can deliver picture with 13 stops of dynamic range and image resolution over 500M pixels.  

Raymond CHAK Landscape Photography 

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